City of Maynard

Of all the regional cities, city of Maynard is probably the smallest in time and space. In Iowa, since the region, which at the same time is the richest in agriculture and industry, has four million inhabitants, the density is more than three hundred inhabitants per square kilometer. This density is comparable to that in Northwest Europe, where it would become one of the megacities, both in terms of economic potential and dynamism and influence.

Short history of Maynard, Iowa. Since then, for exactly ten centuries, Maynard has constantly played a military, administrative, religious, economic and cultural role, primarily in a rich county, and then in a powerful duchy, and finally, for three centuries – in the center of the border zone, often subjected to invasion, but mainly for all types of exchanges, and in a powerful industrial region, which after experiencing exaltation and poverty about the first technical revolution – the coal one – today knows the hopes and horrors of a recession. The story that is the subject of this book is the story of forty generations, whose work, suffering, joy, struggle, is a rich humus that allows you to turn green again today.

It is obvious that for a long time the history of Maynard left mythology and local folklore an excellent legend about the founders in the 7th century: this legend, slowly forged between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries, is still taken into account, which in the first volume of the great History is without any doubt refers to the chronicle of the times of the great princes, which tells about it. During the reign of about a year, problems forced several Lords to leave this province; among immigrants there is one who, a relative of the Anglo-Saxon king, is thinking of taking refuge on the other side of the canal.

Let us ask a question to rigorous specialists – geographer, archaeologist, medieval figure, historian – who have studied the cradle for years. The geographer informs us that the region is a crossroads of valleys, a confluence zone, as well as a contact zone between dry and Cretaceous melanthus, countries of large crops and villages. Without a hamlet, both clayey and mountainous, with a scattered habitat. According to their observations, some geographers.

Most taxi drivers from Iowa speak French, not the purest French, French from Iowa, but we understand each other well. However, in restaurants and shops, English and Spanish are the most used languages. Many hotels and restaurants have French-speaking staff. Ask at the reception upon arrival. Iowa is a “melting pot” of many nationalities, and we are used to meeting people who speak only English. And to reassure you, know that many people speak English far from each other, and not according to Shakespeare. So do not be afraid to use your three English words, which is important for us here to welcome you and prove to you that we are very happy to do this.

Maynard, Iowa, are pretty safe places. But anything can happen anywhere. When you are on vacation, here, as elsewhere, be alert and do not trust anyone. When you are in the city, do not be vulnerable, be careful, look what is happening around you. Avoid walking along the beaches after dark. Not that it is especially dangerous, but does not make you vulnerable. If you need to move in the evening or at night, choose busy streets or arteries. If you go to a nightclub, be on the lookout, it’s easy to let go a little after one or two glasses. If you pay by credit card, be very careful and carefully examine the receipt to make sure that you have not counted the extra drinks.

Maynard is a very calm city. Shorts and a light shirt are good, but wear a jacket or a thick shirt because it is sometimes cold inside. You will walk a lot, plan comfortable shoes. And do not forget the swimsuit and beach towel if you plan to go to the beach. Think of good sunglasses, sunscreen and a small umbrella or folding umbrella if you come in the rainy season. The rains are not cold at all. If you plan to spend the evening in the nightclub “in”, then bring the clothes a little more fashionable, otherwise we will not let you in.